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Students join rally in green car

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Four students from Scotland's St Andrews University getting ready for a 10,000-mile race for charity in their biodiesel car.

The team will have armed themselves with not just car insurance but a comprehensive travel insurance cover as well before heading off for the gruelling Mongol Rally which crosses 21 countries.

The Green Yaks, as they call themselves, say if the successfully complete the challenge is a biodiesel-powered car it would be a world-first.

Funds raised by the group from their trip - that starts from Goodwood in West Sussex and ends in Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar - will go to the Mercy Corps charity.

Members of the team are all students of sustainable development and they hope their choice of biodiesel, a fuel based on vegetable oil or animal fat, will also send out an environmental message.

Team leader Teddy Wadsworth said: "We wanted to do something extraordinary with our summer holidays, and travelling all the way to Mongolia in a car that already has 199,000 miles on the clock, one broken window and that's fuelled by biodiesel will certainly be a little different.

"The BP oil spill has shown exactly how important alternative fuels like biodiesel are too, so we're happy to be able to have our adventure, raise funds for charity and do our bit for the environment too."

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