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Gadgets 'essential for holidays'

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Holidaymakers are relying extensively on electronic gadgets, with nearly 73% considering a mobile phone essential while on a break, research has shown.

According to the survey by and Dixons Travel, over 87% of people use mobile phones while away, with 46% communicating with those back home through text messages.

A total of 40% use mobile phones to take holiday photos, and 43% of those polled said they upload the pictures on to Facebook to share with family and friends.

More than half access the internet while on holiday - either through cafes or via computers at their hotel.

The poll also found that 46% cannot travel without an MP3 player, while 40% said they would not leave home without their straighteners and other hair appliances.

A good book and relaxation lead the way in what holidaymakers enjoy the most and how they want to unwind on holiday.

According to the survey, the most annoying part of a holiday was the fact that it was never long enough.

Paul Evans, chief executive of said: "In today's fast-moving online world, gadgets not only help holidaymakers choose and book their holidays, they also feature highly on their holiday essentials list.

"But it's reassuring to see a good book is how holidaymakers really want to unwind while away."

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