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Want reliability? 'Buy Japanese'

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Finding the right deal on car insurance can be difficult but, according to a study, if you buy a vehicle built in Japan, your worries will lessen.

Japanese cars are deemed the most reliable, with the Honda brand topping the What Car? magazine's "most trustworthy" league for the fifth year in a row.

Companies from the Far East dominate the top 10 most reliable makes of car: Subaru is in second place, Mitsubishi in third and Lexus fourth.

The only firms to make the top 10 not from the Far East are Skoda at number eight and Mini at number 10.

What Car? said the worst firm is Land Rover, in last place out of 32 car companies because 53% of its cars were faulty. Vauxhall ranks at number 27 in the list, while MG is at 28.

Although the magazine said Japanese cars are the most reliable, its study found that 10% of Honda cars have problems with their air conditioning and 15% of them have problems with transmission. Subaru cars were found to have the worst performing axles, suspension and brakes out of all the firms.

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