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Amorous motorists 'risk injury'

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Nearly a fifth of people who enjoy a kiss and a cuddle in their car end up with some kind of injury, research by a car insurance firm has revealed.

A banged head appears to be the most common injury suffered during moments of in-car passion, followed by pulling muscles and sustaining blows to elbows and knees.

Amorous motorists also risk cricked necks and damage from the gear stick, the study showed.

The Volkswagen camper van was voted the most popular vehicle for lovemaking, followed by Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, a Land Rover Discovery and a Volvo Estate.

Around three out of five among 3,000 drivers polled admit to have had an amorous adventure in their motor. The back seat is perceived as the best spot, but 6% said they had even tried out the boot.

Brian Martin, managing director of, which conducted the study, said: "I was surprised to see so many people admit they've used their cars in this way.

"The results show people's passion is a spur-of-the-moment thing - it seems some people just can't wait for the bedroom."

The most frisky motorists appear to be those from south west England, with 61% enjoying in-car romance. In contrast, only 48% of Northern Irish drivers were prepared to get passionate in their mobile.

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