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Motorists 'still love first car'

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One in five people would like to buy back the first vehicle they owned, a new poll has found, suggesting that most motorists seem to be hit by first-car nostalgia.

A survey by has found that nearly 20% of motorists would buy a new vehicle because it reminded them of the first car they owned.

While as many as 16% of the 2,370 surveyed saw their first cars go to the scrap yard, 10% admitted to having been distraught at the loss.

A majority of motorists (64%) polled said the age of a car wouldn't matter as long as it was working and roadworthy.

However, 10% of respondents preferred new cars and added that vehicles between two and five years old would not be considered while looking for replacements.

Auto Trader marketing director Matt Thompson said: "First-car nostalgia rings true with us all.

"Whether it's leaving the handbrake off the first time you parked on a hill or fun-filled road trips with friends, the first car carries with it many memories."

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