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Motorists 'clueless' about savings

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A new study has found that car owners are often clueless about the ways to keep motoring costs in check.

Research by breakdown company Autonational Rescue showed that more than nine in 10 (93%) of motorists said they do not opt for filling up with petrol more often to prevent driving around with a heavy tankful.

Only some 15% consider using supermarket fuel vouchers to cut down on the cost of motoring, while just 17% look for the cheapest filling station.

The survey of 1,000 adults added that just about two in 10 drivers consider short cuts to reduce journey distances.

Meanwhile, only 34% think checking tyre pressures - a basic piece of maintenance - is important. According to the breakdown firm, the extra fuel cost of running on under-inflated tyres could be around 5% per journey.

Autonational Rescue marketing manager Ronan Hart said: "There are good ways to save on motoring costs and when it comes to tyres, making sure you have the right pressures is very important. Planning a shorter journey is of course essential and could knock a lot off fuel bills."

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