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Airport cleaners jailed for theft

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Two cleaners at Luton airport have been handed custodial sentences after each admitted to six counts of theft from passengers' luggage, police said.

Anthony Currant and Abul Hussain had been caught on police camera opening passengers' bags and stealing from them as they passed through an enclosed room on the luggage belt, a police spokesperson said.

Such incidents of pilfering only heighten the need for travel insurance coverage that can protect passengers from losses.

Currant, 65, of Bolingbroke Road, Luton, was sentenced to six months in jail at Luton Crown Court, and Hussain, 30, of Claremont Road in the town, was given three months, Bedfordshire Police said.

The pair was caught in a police sting in February, after covert cameras were put in the room where the belt carousel passes through with bags from inbound flights, before being collected by passengers in the main baggage reclaim concourse.

Since their arrests, recorded baggage pilferages - claims of thefts or lost property from passengers' luggage - have dropped on average by 77%, police said.

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