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Britons making 'less journeys'

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Britons made an average of 973 trips each in 2009, down from 1,096 a year recorded in 1995/97, mainly due to falls in shopping, visiting friends at private homes and commuting, new Government figures have shown.

According to the Department for Transport figures, there has been a 9% fall in the number of commuting trips in the last two years.

While Britons travelled an average of 6,775 miles in 2009, compared with 7,208 miles reported in 2005, this need not be a cause of worry for car insurance companies as 63% of all trips were made by cars.

The average trip length increased by 8% from 6.4 miles in 1995/97 to 7.0 miles in 2009, according to the new figures, which took into account the responses of 20,000 people in 8,000 households.

Time spent travelling has remained fairly static over the last 15 years at just over an hour a day.

People spent an average of 372 hours per year travelling in 2009, compared with 369 hours in 1995/97.

There has been a decrease in the average annual car mileage, from about 9,700 in 1995/97 to 8,420 in 2009.

The figures also showed a drop in the proportion of company-owned cars from 7% in 1995/97 to 4% in 2009.

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