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Warning over supervising learners

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A motoring organisation has warned that many drivers are unaware they face disqualification over their actions while tutoring learners.

According to a poll carried out by the AA, many motorists did not understand they were often breaking the law.

In a worrying set of statics for car insurance suppliers, almost a quarter (23%) of the 19,000 surveyed said they were unaware that using a mobile phone while supervising a learner was illegal.

More than one in 12 (13%) did not know that if they wore glasses while driving, they also had to wear them while supervising a leaner, while 9% did not realise that falling asleep in that situation could lead to disqualification.

A total of 4% of respondents who had supervised learners admitted breaking at least one of these laws - rising to more than one in five (22%) among supervisors aged 21 to 24.

AA Driving School director Simon Douglas said: "Learners who build on skills they gain in formal lessons by practising with family or friends have a better chance of passing their test and are likely to be safer behind the wheel. Yet drivers often lack confidence or don't know their responsibilities when supervising learners.

"Many are passing on bad driving habits or even risking a run-in with the law."

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