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Speed cameras 'lead to bad driving'

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Motorists are more likely to be erratic in their driving with speed cameras around, a poll has found.

Car insurance company LV= revealed that 81% of drivers questioned said they tended to focus on their speedometers rather than the road when near a camera.

About 5% of the 1,532 motorists polled also said they press their brakes suddenly when a speed camera is seen, risking rear-end shunts.

Around 31% said they have witnessed an accident or a near-miss due to drivers' erratic behaviour in the face of a camera.

A total of 46% said they thought cameras led to a change inattention from other areas of driving, while 11% believe cameras actually increase the risk of an accident.

Nearly 46% also considered them merely as an extra source of revenue for the Government.

More than nine in 10 people polled (91%) admitted to speeding, with 15% saying they did so regularly. Almost 69% said they drove at an average speed of 81mph on motorways.

Only 9% said they never went over the speed limit.

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