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Dangerous driving incidences 'high'

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Highlighting the need for proper car insurance coverage, a poll has shown nearly 64% of motorists have admitted to some form of potentially dangerous activity while driving in July.

A survey of 1,012 adults by Sainsbury's Car Insurance found drivers eating or drinking at the wheel emerged as the biggest offence followed by driving while feeling tired.

Motorists engaging in road rage rose to 6%, from 4% in a similar survey last year, while those wearing flip-flops or driving shoeless rose from 14% to 18%.

However, figures for those who said they had texted while driving fell to 6% from 11% last year, while those admitting to drink-driving went down to 6% from 9%.

Motorists in north-east England and in Yorkshire and Humberside topped the survey with the highest "offence" rates - 72% of them admitted to engaging in potentially dangerous activities at the wheel.

However, just 54% of drivers in Greater London admitted "dangerous" driving this year.

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