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Drivers speed after cameras removed

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A county that deactivated its speed cameras has witnessed an increase in the number of people speeding, according to a road safety group.

Because of budget cuts, speed cameras were switched off in Oxfordshire. However radar equipment was left in some locations.

Thames Valley's Safer Road Partnership said it was potentially "very worrying" that the number of drivers speeding had increased by up to 88%, according to readings taken over five days.

While there is no longer a camera in the box to record the motorists' details, the radar units were set to record speeds of over 35mph in 30mph zones.

Being caught speeding not only effects your pocket in the short-term through fines, it will most probably increase your car insurance premiums in the long-term.

The partnership recorded readings from two sites, with one on Oxford`s Watlington Road detecting 62 offences - a rise of 88% compared with the 33 offences they expected to see there over five days.

A speed camera on the A44 in Woodstock detected 110 offences, where 93 offences would have been expected when compared with past data - a rise of 18.3%.

Dan Campsall, of the partnership, said: "These are very limited results from just two locations and a few days worth of data. However, if this is a trend that grows across Oxfordshire it is very worrying indeed."

Inspector Paul Winks, from Thames Valley Police, told BBC Online: "It clearly means switching off the camera has given a green light to a small number of people to break the law."

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