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Newlyweds-to-be 'opt for vouchers'

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Most married-couples-to-be are opting for money or gift vouchers to go towards their wedding or honeymoon, research has shown.

A poll by the National Wedding Show reveals that 69% of couples tying the knot are asking for vouchers or cash instead of traditional wedding gifts, with many travel companies offering vouchers as an option.

According to the wedding event organiser, the trend has emerged as more couples now choose to live together before getting married. This can save couples the time of updating their home insurance policies to cover the influx of gifts, and ensure a nice get-away after the marriage.

Hamish Kaumaya from said: "We realise that many of our customers are not the 'toaster and towels gift' kind of people so we have set up an easy to use online service where guests can contribute to the cost of the wedding package and/or honeymoon."

However, one fifth of people planning to say "I do" are still relying on the classic "gift list" in a bid to avoid receiving either items they already own or duplicated items.

Additionally, the survey revealed that couples may feel uncomfortable asking guests for money toward the home, with just 10% of people making this gift request.

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