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Bid to smash a land speed record

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A Scottish team is set to drive faster than 300mph in a bid to break a land speed record.

The Flower of Scotland will hope to break the current record for one-litre supercharged cars, which stands at 313mph.

Derek Palmer, 23, from Lesmahagow, and Rick Pearson, 35, who lives and works in Switzerland, will be the drivers on the vehicle, for which they don't expect to be able to get normal, everyday car insurance.

The team boss, Mr Palmer's father Derek, said: "We have a three-year plan to break the world land speed record and will endeavour to shortcut this if humanly possible.

"If the driver is brave enough, we are confident it is within our reach."

Like a normal street car, the Flower of Scotland has a steering wheel and an accelerator, clutch and brake.

However, it also has a CO2 power shift button, two parachute levers, three fire extinguisher levers, as well as a small television screen which shows an infra-red picture of the engine bay in case of methanol fire, plus water and oil temperature displays.

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