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Classic car owners miss reliability

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Classic car owners may be happy to drive around and pay high car insurance on their prized possession, but many wish for the reliability and easier steering control provided by newer vehicles, a survey has found.

A fifth of more than 4,000 motorists owning classics said they would like their car's mechanical reliability to be higher, while 17% desired a more comfortable steering.

But less than 10% missed other amenities in modern cars, such as air conditioning or sat nav systems, when driving their classic vehicles.

Paul Matthews, managing director of Footman James, which conducted the survey, said: "Classic vehicle owners are happy to sacrifice their modern comforts to drive their classic but are clearly still concerned about the reliability of their pride and joy.

"Making sure their vehicle is properly insured, in the event of a breakdown or accident, will set classics owners minds at rest, resulting in more time to enjoy the journey and less time worrying about whether they will get back or not."

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