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Big Brother housemates evacuated

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Severe flooding caused by a "freak storm" forced the Big Brother contestants to leave the house on Tuesday night, it has been said.

The storm flooded crucial parts of the Elstree property including the living room, the bedroom and the diary room.

As a "safety measure", all nine contestants of the Channel 4 show were shifted to a "holding area" within the Big Brother compound.

They managed to accommodate themselves in a makeshift bedroom almost four hours after they were evacuated from the house due to the flooding.

The contestants were allowed to use the task room - where they slept - the nest, the kitchen and the garden.

Engineers were checking all the cables inside the house to facilitate the return of Steve, Josie, Dave, John James, Corin, Mario, Andrew, JJ and Sam to the house.

Big Brother said: "Engineers are currently checking every single cable within the building and double-checking everything is in order and safe for our housemates before they return."

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