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BMW launches new exhaust system

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BMW has launched a new exhaust system for its S1000RR sport bike, helping to boost its performance.

According to the German manufacturer, the new Akrapovic exhaust system together with an engine control unit (ECU) will improve both peak power and torque.

The engine, braking and power management systems of the S1000RR - which was originally produced to compete in the 2009 Superbike World Championship - are also upgraded with the latest technology.

The improvement should encourage biking enthusiasts to opt for the BMW model, resulting in more people buying bike insurance policies.

BMW said the maximum engine output of the bike is also raised by 4bhp to 197bhp, while its power and torque reinforced throughout the key 5,000 to 9,000rpm mid-range.

After being fitted, the power mapping for the four engine-management riding modes - rain, sport, race, slick - will be alike, with the ECU generating the full 197bhp across the board.

Using the ABS reducing input and the Dynamic Traction Control, the different modes change the electronic rider aids. This facilitates total power at greater lean angles.

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