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Women 'not ignorant of car works'

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Despite many men see women as ignorant of driving and car maintenance, a study has shown that the fairer sex can handle almost anything, from changing oil and wheels to jump starting cars.

Women's car insurance specialist Diamond found that the 'weaker' sex to be catching up fast, while continuing to pay lower car insurance premiums than men on the basis that they drive more safely and make fewer expensive claims.

The survey of 2,500 women found that almost three in four can check the oil and water in their car, while two in five can change a wheel, jump start a car and change their windscreen wipers.

A third of the women service their car every time they go on a long trip, while a fifth do so every month, the study said.

Also, 60% of women watched Top Gear regularly, and 10% were interested in motor sports.

Maria McCarthy, motoring journalist and author of 'The Girls' Car Handbook' said: "Today's generation of women drivers don't depend on the men in their life to keep their car running and are more then capable when it comes to car care."

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