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Audi A3 has strongest resale value

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The Audi A3 has the strongest resale value amongst the 10 most popular cars in the UK, suggesting it is the best buy for consumers looking for a new motor, a car website has said.

Although owners of the German hatchback may have to pay higher car insurance premium, the study by Auto Trader showed that it is worth it.

The study compared the original price of the UK's 10 most popular vehicles purchased in August 2009 to their asking prices on used car website in July 2010.

It found that the Audi A3, Britain's sixth most popular new car purchase last year, had lost just 7% of its original value over a year, while the resale value of Ford's Fiesta, the most popular car of 2009, was down by 23%.

According to the research, the Ford Focus, which was voted as the decade's best car last year by users, lost 39% of its original value in the first year.

The second-hand value of a Vauxhall Corsa was 10% lower compared with a year ago, while Vauxhall Astras witnessed a 45% drop, Vauxhall Insignia experienced a 34% dip and Vauxhall Vectra Life saw a 54% fall in their original asking price.

Other cars in the list are Volkswagen Golf, which lost 26% of its original value in the first year; Peugeot 207's asking price fell by 20% and Honda Jazz experienced a 18% dip.

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