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Air conditioning valued by drivers

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When looking for car insurance, it is not just the vehicle itself but also all the added built-in extras that vehicle owners need to consider.

Most drivers feel air conditioning is the most valued built-in feature, with some 81% deeming it essential, according to a survey by

Alarms and immobilisers are the next big concern for motorists, with 67% deeming them extremely important and 21% saying they prefer having them.

Sat navs are also considered a desirable feature, with 24% feeling they are almost entirely necessary and some 44% saying they prefer to have one.

MP3 players and hands free mobile kits also prove to be popular, 52% and 29% of car owners feel they would add value to a vehicle.

But customers attach less value to a TV or DVD player for passengers, with 67% saying these gadgets are not important at all. Some 58% feel similarly about sub woofers.

Michael Tang, marketing communications manager for Exchange and Mart, said: "When we asked respondents to name the essential items, air conditioning was the clear winner with 81% agreeing, followed by alarms and immobilisers with 68%.

"In contrast, TV/DVD players and sub woofers were only crucial to 9%."

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