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Study shows holiday resort loyalty

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Many holidaymakers travelling overseas are creatures of habit, heading off to the same resort every year, a new study suggests.

Research by online travel agent found 36% of travellers go back to the same destination each year, a fifth of whom end up staying at the same hotel.

Fears that a new location would not be as good their favourite spot is the main reason for the loyalty, while a quarter of people stick to the routine only because they dislike change.

Of more than 1,900 people polled, only 11% said they chose a different place every year, chiefly in order "to see the world" or because they were spurred by boredom.

More than three out of 10 said they went to the same country but tried out different resorts, while over 22% had a list of favoured destinations from which they chose one every year. founder Chris Brown said: "It seems a lot of people can't break the habit of going to the same resort, or even the same hotel, every year, predominately because they don't like change.

"It's understandable that many are wary of trying somewhere new, as once you like a certain resort, the next place you visit has a lot to live up to."

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