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Fraudsters 'cost motorists £1.25bn'

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Motorists who take to the road without car insurance or a licence are costing honest road users £1.25 billion every year, a new study has claimed.

According to the research by The Co-operative Insurance, in order to subsidise the cost of claims made by fraudsters and other non-insured drivers, honest motorists are forced to pay an extra £50 a year.

The study added younger drivers are most likely to break the law. During the past year, nearly 25% of them took to the road either without insurance, MOT or a licence.

Over 23,000 people are injured or killed every year in road accidents related to uninsured vehicles.

In an attempt to cover the cost of the additional risk, insurance providers end up increasing the price of policies.

Tim Franklin, Chief Operating Officer at The Co-operative Financial Services, said: "Millions of people are deliberately flouting the law by not insuring their cars at massive cost to honest road users and the wider insurance industry posing an unnecessary and unjustified risk.

"Whilst work is continuing to be done to highlight the dangers of uninsured drivers and keep them off the UK's public highways by the police, road safety groups and the insurance industry there is clearly more to be done."

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