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Millions driving with poor eyesight

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Eyesight problems dogging millions of motorists may be putting other road users at risk, new research suggests.

A poll by car insurance company LV= found nearly a quarter of drivers who do not wear glasses admit to having poor eyesight.

Meanwhile, 7% of people who use glasses say they don't wear them when driving, with more than half saying they forget to put them on and around a third considering it unnecessary.

A third of people who admitted to having poor vision said they had not had their eyes tested in the last five years, while 13% said they either had one more than a decade ago or never.

Some of the motorists polled confessed to night vision problems and an inability to see properly in bad weather.

In a test of 256 randomly selected drivers, LV= car insurance found 9% were unable to make out a number plate just over 20m away on their first attempt. This figure rose to 18% of drivers aged 55 or over.

A total of 2,490 UK drivers were surveyed.

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