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Mr Loophole makes daughter pay

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A lawyer, who is popularly known as Mr Loophole for helping high-profile clients escape driving fines, has bailed out of helping his daughter overturn a speeding ticket.

Nick Freeman said by not helping 19-year-old Sophie defeat the fine he wanted her to learn the importance of road safety, although she might still have to face a bump in the car insurance premium.

Mr Freeman, who lives in Cheshire, has defended many celebrities including Sir Alex Ferguson and David Beckham against motoring offences, by making arguments supported by unusual technical loopholes in the vehicle.

He wrote in his column for the Manchester Evening News: "Mr Loophole the lawyer was in conflict with Mr Loophole the dad.

"Every fibre of my parental instinct told me that Sophie had to understand the consequences of breaking the law and that speeding can be a serious and dangerous issue.

"I'm a hypocrite. I know."

A letter that arrived at Mr Freeman's company offices said the driver of the Mini Cabriolet registered to the lawyer's firm faced a £60 fine and three licence points, for clocking 63mph in a temporary 50mph zone.

Miss Freeman, who had been driving the vehicle back from the family's apartment in North Wales, now has to pay the fine out of her own savings.

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