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66% fear some roads are dangerous

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A majority of motorists are concerned that the deactivation of speed detection cameras is likely to pose a threat to their safety on the roads, a new survey has found.

According to RoadPilot, 66% of motorists fear it will be more dangerous to drive in some parts of the UK where speed cameras have been switched off or removed.

It is also likely to have an impact on their car insurance premium.

With the coalition Government announcing funding cuts, 3% of all fixed speed-detection cameras have been deactivated, while some camera partnerships are reviewing the number of such monitoring equipment.

James Flynn, OBE, CEO of RoadPilot, said: "In the wake of recent announcements that some camera partnerships are deactivating or reviewing the level of speed detection equipment in their region, drivers need to be even more aware of the road's speed limits and alert to other motorists.

"Allowing motorists to prepare for changes in the speed limit or upcoming speed cameras aids road safety. Speed camera detection systems such as RoadPilot Mobile alert users to cameras via audio alerts, as well as displaying the specific road's speed limit."

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