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Family dog fends off armed raiders

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Armed men were thwarted in a raid on a house by a feisty pet dog, police have said.

While the family was watching television in the living room of the house on Pepperwood Drive in Winstanley, near Wigan, Greater Manchester, three men burst in.

However, the raid did not go as planned because one of the offenders was bitten on his leg by the family dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

The dog was struck by the would-be thief, who was carrying a handgun. The 22-year-old daughter of the homeowners then intervened to defend the animal.

The gunman then struck her several times in the head with the weapon, causing a cut.

The dog continued to bite at the offender, causing the gang to flee from the house empty-handed.

But the dog gave chase, forcing the man to drop his gun in the garden, and pulled the offender to the ground, though he was able to struggle free and ran off down a footpath.

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