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Toyota Avensis defies fuel figures

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Toyota's Avensis has achieved an impressive 74.35 miles per gallon (mpg) during the eighth annual ALD Automotive/TOTAL Eco 10 MPG Marathon, much higher than official fuel consumption figures.

The latest achievement could be of interest to motorists, as the fuel efficient Avensis might attract a cheaper car insurance premium.

David Crouch from Toyota GB's press office and Pete Brown from Stag Publications helped defy the official 53mpg figure in a 2.0 D-4D equipped Avensis over a 400-mile route.

The annual eco-car marathon challenges teams of drivers and cars to simulate everyday driving conditions over a range of roads.

Mr Crouch said: "The challenge was to find the car's optimum performance, which we achieved by sticking to 40mph in fifth gear.

"We broke through the official combined figure of 53mpg very quickly and were able to cover 210 miles before dropping a single bar on the LED fuel gauge.

"Thinking well ahead and adopting a smooth driving technique are things all drivers can do to ensure they make the most of Toyota Optimal Drive's benefits and cut their fuel bills."

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