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Pets 'bring more happiness to life'

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Highlighting the delight that pets bring to their owner's life, a study has shown 24% of people feel their pet gives them more happiness than their partner, family or friends.

The survey found that four out of 10 pet owners believe their pet is more pleased with them than their partner.

This indicates that people who love their dogs and cats will also opt for adequate pet insurance policy, to ensure their true 'loved one' is protected.

The study, involving 3,000 cat and dog owners, showed some 43% pet owners think their pet is more capable of understanding them than their family. Also, 9% admit to telling secrets to their pet.

Meanwhile 33% feel compared with family and friends, their pet is more loyal to them. Also, over one in 10 spend more time taking care of their pet than themselves.

The study added about 25% of owners keep pictures of their pet as their computer's screen saver or wallpaper, while 15% have their pet as their Facebook profile picture.

The study was conducted for Bayer Healthcare's worming treatment Drontal to launch its My Pet Superstar competition to search for the nation's Top Dog and Top Cat.

Television vet Emma Milne, who is one of the judges, said: "The joy and companionship our pets bring to our lives is unquestionable and it is no wonder that many consider them to be man's best friend."

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