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Lorry driver stopped over laptop

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A lorry driver was ordered off the road in Stirling after police caught him driving with a laptop and DVD player mounted to the vehicle's dashboard.

According to officers, the lorry - from Hungary - also had a seriously under-inflated tyre.

The officers had pulled the driver over for checks at the Craigforth weighbridge on September 21. He was on his way from Aberdeen to Dover.

Central Scotland Police said the driver was not allowed to continue his journey until the problem was rectified

Chief Inspector Donald McMillan, head of the road policing unit, said: "It is incredible to think that any professional driver would put things in place which would obscure his vision.

"Driving is their livelihood and they should know better than to put themselves - and other road users - at risk. It is not acceptable that a professional driver would behave in such a manner."

The force said nine minor defects were found on other lorries during the same check but the drivers were given time to have them repaired.

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