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'2.6 million would flout MOT law'

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As many as 2.6 million motorists have said they would be prepared to drive even if their car did not have a valid MOT test certificate.

A total of 1.6 million of the people who said they would flout the law would do so to make a short trip, while a million would be willing to drive any distance without a valid MOT.

Passengers are even more blasé, as a poll by Kwik-Fit found that 17 million would not be bothered about being driven in a car that has not passed the test.

According to the research, men are twice as likely to drive without an MOT test certificate, with 8% of male motorists prepared to do so, while only 4% of women drivers would.

Having an up to date MOT test certificate and a valid car insurance policy are legal requirements to drive in the UK. If you flout the law and are caught, you could be fined up to £5,000 and have penalty points placed on your licence.

On a regional basis, motorists in North England and the Midlands are the least likely to drive an MOT-less car, with only 4% prepared to flout the law. This figure rises to 7% in the South East, and 6% for Scotland, Wales and the South West.

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