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'Petrolhead' biker gets driving ban

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A self-confessed "petrolhead" can expect a steep hike in bike insurance after clocking in at nearly 70mph above the speed limit and getting himself a 56-day driving ban.

Suffolk resident John Dove was caught riding his Suzuki Sportbike at 107mph on a 40mph dual carriageway in Stowmarket in August.

Sudbury magistrates, who described his performance as "suitable for a race track", fined the 26-year-old welder £250 and ordered him to pay £50 costs.

Dove had only had his bike for a month when the incident happened, in what his representative said was a "flash of youthful exuberance".

Robert Newbould, for Dove, told the court: "He had only owned it (the motorbike) for approximately one month.

"He describes his riding as a flash of youthful exuberance. Since this incident he has sold this motorbike. He describes himself as a petrolhead. It's his hobby."

Magistrates' chairman Colin Reeve told Dove: "My first thought when I heard the speed was, 'Ouch!'

"This figure - 107 in a 40 - is completely off our scale. We don't even have a guideline for that. (It is) suitable only for a race track not for a public road."

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