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Mercedes to recall 22,355 cars

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German car maker Mercedes-Benz is planning to recall over 22,000 models in the UK due to a potential problem with their power steering system.

According to the firm, a total of 22,355 C and E-class cars manufactured between June 2009 and February 2010 will be affected by the recall.

Mercedes intends to fix the problem related to a tiny bolt in the power steering pump. If the bolt is not properly tightened, it could lead to sluggish or heavy steering.

Potentially, accidents caused due to the faulty steering mechanism could lead to an increase in car insurance claims.

However, repairs to the system will not take longer than half an hour per car, the manufacturer said.

The luxury car maker described the move as a "precautionary" measure, as it has not yet received any reports of accidents or injuries due to the problem. The issue is likely to affect only 1% of the total number of vehicles to be recalled.

Mercedes Benz UK spokesman Rob Halloway said: "We are checking every single car and writing to all affected owners inviting them to bring their vehicles in to their local dealer.

"This is purely a precautionary matter and we are not aware of any incidents or accidents as a result of the problem."

The move comes after Mercedes announced that it is to recall more than 80,000 cars worldwide for the same problem.

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