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Scotland tops learner cost table

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Scotland has emerged as the most expensive place to learn to drive, where the average cost per lesson with a driving school is £24.03.

The study by Ipsos MORI indicated that across the country prices for driving lessons vary significantly, with the average cost for an hour's lesson being £22.30.

To be prepared for the test, a candidate needs around 45 hours of tuition.

The average price in Scotland makes the overall cost of taking lessons £1,081.

The poll found that people in Wales get the best deal, with the average hourly rate of manual or automatic lessons being £19.99, taking the total to £899.55. also questioned its advertisers providing car servicing and repairs.

The survey found that the UK average price for an interim service (6,000 miles) for a Ford Focus or similar petrol car is £79, with the lowest price starting at £20 and the highest costing £200.

For a full service, the UK average price is £141, with the lowest starting at £35, rising right up to £375.

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