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Study shows car maintenance lapses

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Women drivers are more likely than men to neglect basic car maintenance and risk big repair bills, a new study suggests.

A poll by used car firm Autoquake found 14% of women never check car tyre pressure, compared with just 7% of men.

A fifth of women also admitted to not keeping track of tyre tread depth, while 12% said they never checked oil levels.

Regular maintenance not just keeps cars roadworthy for longer, it also helps motorists avoid accidents and build up no claims bonus on their car insurance policy.

The survey also found that women are more likely to pay someone else to get basic checks done. For instance, over 14% of women shell out money to have coolant levels on their cars checked, compared with only 5% of men.

Also, 9% of women, but only 3% of men, pay someone else to check their washer fluid level.

Autoquake chief executive Dermot Halpin said: "Failing to top up the car's oil level could lead to engine failure and a huge repair bill, while not checking your tyres' tread depth could mean your car is unsafe - and illegal."

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