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42% carry all money on holiday

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More than 40% of British holidaymakers take all their spending money with them at all times while away on a trip, according to a survey.

A poll by online travel agent showed that sunseekers carry around £300 on average while on holiday.

The survey revealed that 42% of people on vacation keep their money with them at all times during the trip, with around 50% of these expressing concern about leaving cash at their accommodation.

Holidaymakers concerned about the safety of their money and possessions should ensure that their travel insurance is in place in case they meet with some unforeseen medical expenses or need cover for lost belongings.

The poll of 1,391 British holidaymakers found that 78% of all surveyed would not keep the same amount they carried around during holidays, at home when not on a break.

A whopping 72% of respondents admitted to not trusting foreign automatic cash points and banks and 11% rated local currency low and were not sure of how much they were carrying.

The survey also showed that of the respondents saying they would not carry such an amount while at home, 34% cited security reasons, such as losing cash or having it stolen as concerns. However, these holidaymakers seemed pretty nonchalant about this threat during their holiday.

Chris Brown, co-founder of, said: "I can see why some holidaymakers would want to keep their money with them at all times, but I would strongly advise against it.

"Most hotel rooms have a safe in which travellers can keep their valuables and they are normally very secure."

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