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Quarter of drivers 'pay for damage'

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A quarter of motorists have avoided using their car insurance by giving money to the driver of a vehicle they have crashed into to fix the damage.

In an effort to avoid making a claim on their car insurance, nearly 24% of drivers paid for damage they caused in an accident themselves, according to a study by discount website

Motorists favour covering the cost of damage themselves mainly because they do not want their insurance premiums to rise due to a claim, while 11% said they do not want to lose their no claims bonus.

More than a fifth of drivers also claimed the excess on their insurance was too high to make it worthwhile claiming on the policy.

But 2% of people admitted they have had to pay for the damage themselves because they were not insured on the vehicle they were driving at the time.

Among people who have not paid off another driver following an accident, 42% said they would consider doing so in future so that their premiums would not go up.

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