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Burglary and theft levels on rise

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Scotland has seen a steep rise in burglary over the past year, highlighting how important it is for property owners to protect themselves with home insurance.

The latest Scottish Crime and Justice Survey shows that although overall crime levels decreased 10% in 2009/10, the number of thefts and burglary were higher than the previous year.

Personal theft cases were up 19% to 130,113, while thefts from homes rose to 28,853 from 25,485 in 2008/09.

According to authorities, there is evidence to suggest that the recession has contributed to the increase in such crimes. The survey takes into account all crime, even those not reported to the police.

It estimates 945,000 crimes were committed in Scotland in 2009/10, down from over one million in the previous year.

The crime which worried most (57%) of the 16,000 adults surveyed was credit card fraud or having their bank details used to obtain money or goods, while 50% were worried about identity theft.

But the survey found only 4.3% of adults had been a victim of card fraud in the 12 months prior to the survey, while only 0.6% had been a victim of identity theft.

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