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Women 'stick to holiday plans'

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A survey has suggested that women are more decisive than men when it comes to their holiday plans.

A poll by travel trade show World Travel Market (WTM) pointed out that issues affecting travel, such as the ash cloud crisis, had an impact on 22% of men but just on 13% of women.

Women were also found to be less likely to be influenced in their holiday choices by social sites like TripAdvisor or Facebook, with 63% of men, but 51% of women, switching travel options after being swayed by the websites.

The poll of 1,000 holidaymakers in the UK, all of whom had a summer holiday this year, also found that though 24% of men changed their airline. Only 5% of women did the same.

Also, while 20% of men changed their holiday bookings, only 9% of women followed suit.

Other results of the survey showed that Northern Irish people took the least holidays this year, with 19% going for a vacation only once.

Holidaymakers looking to head off to an unknown place should make sure that their travel insurance is in place, so that they can be covered in case of unforeseen incidents.

The poll suggested that Scots looking to go for a holiday are the most to go to the UK, but north-east England residents are most likely to go overseas.

Residents of East Midlands are most concerned about the Air Passenger Duty airport departure tax increase. People in the West Midlands are least concerned.

Inhabitants of south-west England are least troubled about how the state of the economy can affect their holiday plans.

People aged 45 and older are least likely to rethink holiday plans because of the economic downturn, with over-65s least likely to take a UK break and most likely to take an all-inclusive holiday.

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