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Flood-hit residents start clean-up

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The residents of flood-hit Cornwall are starting work on a major clean-up as the county recovers from devastating rain.

Flood water and thick mud has inundated many buildings and council staff, businesses and homeowners now face the daunting task of cleaning up after Wednesday's floods.

They are also beginning the process of contacting their home insurance company and getting the damage assessed and fixed, with many people unable to live in their homes until that is done.

Devon and Cornwall Police made the flooding an official "major incident" and some 100 homes had to be evacuated by the emergency services.

The Environment Agency has said there is a risk of more flooding as weather forecasters said there were more heavy showers early today but they were not as serious as the main downpour.

St Austell, Lostwithiel, St Blazey, Bodmin, Par, Mevagissey and Luxulyan were the areas worst hit.

Environment Agency chairman Lord Smith said flood waters were falling back but he warned any hope of new flood defences would be tempered by cuts.

"You will never be able to guard against every contingency where the force of nature is operating in this sort of way," he told a radio programme.

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