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Fine uninsured drivers 'four-fold'

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Motorists in Britain have expressed their fury over uninsured drivers by telling a poll that they should be fined four times more than the current amount.

In a survey, 2,000 motorists arrived at an average desired fine of £900 for uninsured driving. The current figure is just £200.

More than one third (34%) suggested that those caught without insurance should take their driving test again, while 28% want offenders to be given a driving ban for life.

Nearly eight out of 10 (77%) also support the introduction of a website or hotline where they can report someone they knew is driving without insurance.

Andy Goldby, motor underwriting director at Direct Line, who conducted the study, said: "We fully support what the UK's fed-up motorists want.

"Those responsible drivers who insure their cars have had enough of the additional £30 on their premiums that these uninsured drivers cost them.

"They want harsher penalties, larger fines and a hotline to give information on those driving uninsured, though most of all they want decisive action.

"A £900 fine is more than the average insurance premium and would act as a real deterrent to those who wish to drive uninsured."

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