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Vauxhall releases 'snow socks'

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Motorists driving on slippery roads this winter could avoid serious grip problems by making use of snow socks for tyres, made by Vauxhall.

The socks, which have been launched at a time when the UK is witnessing thick snow cover in some parts, have been designed to be put over car tyres with ease.

The fabric snow chains provide added grip so that car insurance holders can avoid some of the most fatal crashes associated with wintry weather.

According to Vauxhall, the socks are more efficient than winter tyres while travelling on snow and ice. However, they are more hassle-free than snow chains as a result of the fabric made from fibres that have been "arranged at right angles in the direction of travel". This arrangement stops the tyre from skidding on the snow.

Though the snow socks can be used for cars going at 50mph, they should be used for "travel substantially slower than this" as they are only for very important trips.

The Association of British Insurers has said that during December last year and January 2010, £395 million had been spent mostly as a result of snow and ice related accidents.

A pair of snow socks can be purchased from any Vauxhall outlet for a price of £49.99 and can be used on any car model.

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