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Porsche to develop new SUV model

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Porsche is to begin developing a new SUV model, the company has announced.

The German sports car manufacturer is hoping to expand its presence in the SUV market following the success of the Cayenne, which has become its most successful model worldwide.

Porsche plans to target a younger audience with its latest design, to be developed under the title 'Cajun'.

SUV drivers sometimes face higher car insurance costs due to the size of their vehicles, but the new Porsche model is expected to be smaller than the Cayenne. If so, it will compete in the compact SUV sector alongside vehicles such as the BMW X3, Audi A5 and the forthcoming Range Rover Evoque.

No further details have been released, but Porsche said: "The 'Cajun' will have a very positive impact with its typical Porsche features such as light weight, ease of handling and agility.

"As an attractive entry model in the Porsche world, the 'Cajun' will attract new and even younger customers to the premium brand along with the Boxster, the market leader in the segment of two-seater, mid-size sports cars."

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