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Triumph offers new adventure bikes

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Triumph Motorcycles has announced the pricing details for its two new adventure bikes.

Prices for the new Tiger 800 adventure sports bike, which is powered by an 800cc three-cylinder engine, will start from £7,149.

Meanwhile a high-end version, called the Tiger 800 XC, will come with a price tag of £7,749.

Biking enthusiasts of any height can enjoy a ride on the new bikes, as the seats can be adjusted depending on the height of the rider.

Triumph's latest models are considered as strong contenders to rival BMW's adventure sports bikes - such as the R1200GS and F800GS.

Both the Tiger 800 models are equipped with a 645w generator, which is powerful enough to support heated grips, GPS or fog lights.

The new bikes are expected to be made available early next year. ABS versions will be launched in March and will cost £600 more.

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