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Car buyers urged over DAB radios

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Motorists planning to buy a car have been advised to look for DAB radio-equipped vehicles so they do not lose out in the used car market later.

Experts at Car magazine say getting digital radio systems well ahead of the proposed UK-wide analogue switch-off would help owners avoid the higher costs of upgrade after the switchover as well as raise the value of the car in the second-hand market.

They estimate that the move to digital will render around 25 million radio sets in vehicles unusable, in addition to impacting several traffic monitoring sat-nav systems that rely on FM signals for updates.

UK drivers already struggling with high motoring costs, including car insurance premiums, may have to spend a collective £1 billion to address these problems, the report warned.

It claimed that car makers are not planning to fit DAB radios as standard until 2013 and vehicles not fitted with a digital radio after the switchover will require expensive upgrades or after-market additions costing in the region of £40.

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