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Flooding incidents see 150% rise

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Flooding emergencies in London have risen by 150% as a result frozen pipes bursting, a figure that is expected to increase over the weekend.

During the last four days of November, firefighters had to rush to the scene for 163 flooding-related incidents.

With the onset of the coldest beginning of winter on record, flooding instances have risen compared to previous years.

Homeowners are urged to use their home insurance schemes for any damages that might occur as a result of pipes bursting.

Dave Brown, Assistant Commissioner for the Brigade's operations and mobilising department said: "London Fire Brigade is taking every possible precaution to ensure we are prepared to deal with emergencies across the capital during the cold weather.

"If people take simple but effective steps to protect themselves from the cold snap it could mean the difference between either their life being put at risk or their home becoming flooded."

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