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Drivers advised over car security

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Drivers in Suffolk are being urged by police to take simple security measures to protect themselves against vehicle crime and avoid the hassle of having to file car insurance claims.

Suffolk Constabulary is campaigning to raise awareness among motorists in a bid to further bring down the amount of theft from vehicles during the festive season. The number of offences was down 39% to 193 in December last year from 318 during the same month in 2008.

Safety advice for vehicle owners includes parking in a secure, well-lit area such as a car park instead of lone side streets and places with blind spots.

Drivers are being urged to securely lock all doors and windows and never leave their key in the ignition, even if they are stepping out of their vehicles for a short while.

No valuables, including of course Christmas presents, should be left inside parked cars and drivers should remove all items from their glove compartment and leave it open so anyone can see it is empty, police said.

They also suggested using a wipe to remove any marks left on the vehicle windscreen by sat navs.

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