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Punctuality plummets at airports

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Punctuality record at UK's main airports was poorer this summer when compared with the same period last year, figures from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) show.

Statistics relating to flights at 10 of the country's airports show chartered flight punctuality went down from 74% in summer 2009 to 63% this year.

Among scheduled flights, only 72% were on time compared with 80% last summer. A good travel insurance policy would give protection and peace of mind for passengers if they are hit by flight delays and related problems.

The CAA's report is based on flight data from Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, London City, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow airports.

It showed that chartered flights were delayed by an average of 30 minutes in summer this year - up from 20 minutes last year, while the average scheduled flight delay rose from 12 minutes to 16 minutes.

Scheduled flights to and from Madrid had the worst delays, with only 43% on time last summer, while flights to and from Palma in Majorca had the highest average delay - of 38 minutes.

The increase in delays occurred during a period where there were fewer flights from the 10 monitored airports than in summer 2009.

The number of scheduled flights dipped 1% to 364,000 in July-September 2010, while charter flights fell 6% to 39,000.

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