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12m electric vehicles set for 2030

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A report has predicted that millions of drivers will be using electric vehicles in two decades' time.

The Fourth Carbon Budget, published by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), expects more than 12 million electric cars and vans on Britain's roads by 2030.

According to the budget, which covers the period 2023-27, hydrogen could be used to power Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and nearly half of all buses in the country by 2030.

The CCC, an independent body established under the Climate Change Act, is recommending a 45% reduction in carbon emissions relative to current levels by the target year.

In the future, motorists might also be paying less on their car insurance, as vehicles powered by alternative fuel attract reduced premiums.

David Kennedy, chief executive, Committee on Climate Change, said: "We are bringing the future to life. That's why it is so exciting for us. It is not abstract any more, it is real and has real implications for this Government, which hopes to be the greenest Government ever."

The report said that electric cars are already capable of 80% of car journeys, with those wanting to travel further to be able to rely on plug-in hybrids, which switch to fuel when the battery is exhausted.

Mr Kennedy added that as the performance of low-carbon cars improves, the range widens and the cost of the batteries comes down, buying an electric car will become more feasible.

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