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Peer pressure 'key' in drunk drives

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A new survey has found that a third of men take to the roads drunk and that peer pressure is a key factor in increased drinking.

Nearly one in five (18%) told the survey by soft drink maker Iron Press that they had driven after drinking alcohol on several occasions.

Peer pressure and reputation played a key role in deciding to drive over the legal alcohol limit, with 49% of motorists admitting to being under pressure from their friends to drink booze, and 72% saying they consumed more when out with their male friends.

Some 88% said they were happy to have a soft drink if they had to drive but 32% believed being seen with a such a drink drink instead of a pint was not "manly" with 47% saying they would feel like a 'wuss' if they ordered a soft drink.

Meanwhile a total of 44% confessed to having consumed between 11 and 20 drinks in an evening.

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