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Christmas dinner sewage warning

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Households have been warned about waste from cooking Christmas dinner leading to flooding and an associated home insurance claim.

Councils are warning people to avoid pouring leftover fat, oil and grease down the drain following the Christmas roast, as it could result in sewer blockages.

Oil and fat often solidify in drainage pipes due to the cold weather. This may result in raw sewage flooding homes.

Stan Waddington, Gloucestershire County Council's cabinet member for environment, said: "No one wants to suffer the consequences of raw sewage flooding their gardens, driveways or, worse still, their homes.

"The only way to rid the sewers of these fat blockages is to use a high-pressure jet to loosen the fat and wash it away.

"Much of this jetting work could easily be avoided if people didn't regard their kitchen sink as an extension of the dustbin."

Even hot soapy water may not help to unclog the blockage at times, when the fats get hardened up on hitting the cold sewer walls and accumulate other debris.

According to local authorities, damage worth millions of pounds is recorded during the festive season.

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